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Read this blog for your chance at luck this St. Patrick's Day.

"LUCKY IN LOVE WITH WEBSITES." - How ironic! When it comes to Tucson website design, there actually is no luck. We do not rely on luck nor do we expect luck. Whether it’s working with the ideal client or earning the next biggest project. We say this because we were taught that “L.U.C.K.” is simply “Labor. Under. Controlled. Knowledge.” Our outcomes as entrepreneurs, as many of our clients are often familiar with, are consequences of our actions. A cause and effect, if you will. We control our own destiny, as destiny is ripe in our hands ready for us to take a bite out of this amazing life.

At least one of us is actually Irish. Well, Irish French-Canadian. And we still don’t consider ourselves lucky. We consider ourselves appreciative. Appreciative of our clients, business partnerships, fellow business colleagues, family and friends, one dog, and two cats. While just shy of seven days before our official two years in business as an LLC, we have learned hard and we have learned fast. Despite being in the Tucson web design business for a short amount of time, our prior six years in business as a mobile computer repair company helped us build a strong foundation that we know and love today.

However, this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, you are lucky. And we truly mean it. What you do, how you do it, and why you do it speaks volumes. Forget the shamrocks and green beer. You’re lucky because you deserve it all. As challenging as it is to be in business for yourself, you deserve abundance. It’s all right here in front of you. All you have to do is reach out and grab it. You might as well grab that green beer while you’re at it, too. Disclaimer: we’re not responsible for the effects of green food coloring in your system.

In fact, you’re even luckier! Why? Because we’re celebrating our two years in business this March, we’re giving away one (1) green web hosting plan for the first six months to the first person who qualifies* by responding to us with “I’m Lucky!” by 12pm on Sunday, March 18, 2013. Post, call, e-mail, or text--it’s your choice. You lucky dog, you!

*Please inquire for qualification details.

     To find out how we can help you with a new website or website redesign, don't be shy--give us a ring. We love educating those who are curious. And we love serving those who are ready to be served. Also find out one of the number one ways we start your Web Presence Optimization (WPO) off right from the start before we even develop your website--with what's called a Keyword Analysis Report (KAR): (520) 270-7033.


Tucson Website Design & Hosting - BEssential, LLC. High expectations beyond web design.

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     As we're winding down the end of the summer, we're gearing up for the Fall season within the amazing world of websites and beyond. What have we been up to lately? Here's why we've been pleasantly surprised with much appreciation:

  • We've been active members of LOCAL FIRST ARIZONA on the Tucson Area Steering Committee and we're preparing to assist fellow business owners at the next New Member Orientation coming up September 18 at Goodman's Furniture right here in Tucson.
  • We're still going strong with facilitating the ARETÉ SMALL BUSINESS OWNER NETWORK (ASBON) monthly support meetings for local, independent Tucson entrepreneurs. We love celebrating each other's successes and learning from one another.
  • We're happy to announce we've partnered with the second largest domain service provider in the world, Tucows (as in "two cows"). So now, you can search for and buy all your domain names with us. Right here, right now: DOMAINS.BESSENTIAL.COM. Try it!
  • The month of August marks Eric's 36th birthday (our CEO) and September is just around the corner for Heather's 36th birthday (our President) as well. This HUSBAND & WIFE TEAM doesn't look a day over 25, right? Please feel free to humor them sometime.


     The next time you'll hear from us again shall be when we have our official Blog prepared and ready to go with some useful tips for all your website, SEO, web security, web hosting, domains, brand marketing and computer repair needs. Whew! Try saying all that in one breath three times fast!

Tucson Website Design & Web Hosting - BEssential, LLC. High expectations beyond web design.

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     Life is still amazing. Not only is this our strongest production moment in the history of our local Tucson web design company, we have a few big announcements to make before monsoon season hits. Not that it makes any difference if it's before or after the monsoons, but it shall make you smile on a rainy day.


     Big things come in small packages--just like us--your small Web Team of Advisors whom you know to trust and have grown to love. We cannot wait to share with you what this big news is! So, we'll give you three little hints: 1) Local First Arizona, 2) Tucson web hosting and support, and 3) social media, baby!


     Can you hear the cork pop off the champagne? We can! All the way to the last "clankity-clank" of glass flutes... because you're the reason why we're celebrating. Thank you, Tucson entrepreneurs and small business owners!

Tucson Website Design & Web Hosting - BEssential, LLC. High expectations beyond web design.

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