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     Ideas are great, but blogging sucks. So, pass it on to us.
Are you on track with your blogging Web strategy for 2013?


     You'd rather have a root canal than blog. You'd rather shave your head than blog. You'd rather shave your employee's head and give your business partner a root canal than blog. However, you know you MUST blog to help increase your overall SEO efforts for your business or organization. And yet, you still find yourself saying one of these reasons why you don't do it:

     "I don't have time!"
     "I'm not a writer!"
     "I don't know what to write about!"
     Or perhaps, "What's a blog?!"

     We get it. Ideas are great, but blogging sucks. So, pass it on to us here at BEssential Tucson Website Design. We'll write your monthly blog articles on your website for you about your industry with consistency and strategy. Then, we'll even share it with others on your Facebook timeline to help build your audience and increase your overall Web Presence Optimization (WPO).

     Website Magazine even insists that frequent, quality content will reign supreme in 2013, " the Web progresses and becomes more social Google and other search engines are finally able to completely disregard those cheap techniques in favor of a more human element that will determine how websites and pages rank in their search results. Humanized rankings are going to be far more prevalent over the next year, incorporating more quality content and social media data to deliver results in real-time (or closer to it, at least)..."

     With Your Essential Power Blogging Solution, you save time and headaches from writer's block, your company persona is in tact, you're pleasing Google, and most importantly... your clients/customers find your content valuable enough to do business with you.

     Relieved? We thought so. Make sure you're on track with your blogging Web strategy for 2013. Now, don't let us catch you with that razor or pair of pliers again!



     To learn more or find out how we can help you build-up your Web Presence Optimization, don't be shy--give us a ring. We love educating those who are curious. And we love serving those who are ready to be served. Find out one of the number one ways we start your WPO off right from the start before we even develop your website--with what's called a Keyword Analysis Report (KAR): (520) 270-7033.

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