How to Quickly Use Google Analytics to Assess Your Mobile Website Need

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     Do you know how many of your potential consumers/clients are
viewing your website on their mobile device? You should!


"ANALYZE ME, BABY. BUT DON'T HURT ME." - When was the last time you reviewed your own website's Google Analytics? Do you know how many people are viewing your site on their mobile device? Got 5 minutes? Here's how to do it quickly and painlessly:

1) After signing into your Google Analytics account, it will either take you to a screen where you need to click on your website domain, or automatically to your "Audience Overview."

2) On the left vertical menu, click on "Audience" and a submenu will drop-down. Go ahead and select "Mobile" and then "Overview" to see your stats.

3) Before reviewing the graph, in the upper right-hand corner, you'll see a time frame of usually the past month as the default setting. We recommend you at least look at your stats within the last year, so you should at least change it to "Feb. 7, 2012 - Feb. 7, 2013" and then select "Apply" so you can see any patterns of usage during that time frame.

4) Below the graph, you'll see some basic stats such as "Yes" or "No" as to the number of people visiting your site with their mobile device. It will show you how many visits, how many pages they visit, and the average time they visit, etc.

5) After reviewing these stats, go back to the left vertical menu, click on "Devices" under the "Mobile - Overview" section. This is interesting to see how many people are visiting your site through different mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and which type of other smartphones, etc.

     Depending on the industry and type of demand, a low number may still qualify reason for a mobile site. If you are a restaurant or a retail store, you'd definitely need a mobile site--despite the number of people reviewing your site on a mobile device.

     Services industries such as Tucson website design, can probably still get away with not having a mobile site for now. However, considerations for sites that are compatible with mobile devices called "responsive website design" is ideal--but not perfect--vs. having a separate mobile site like it's essential for restaurants or retail shops to have.

     There you have it! Your results may help you decide how appropriate it is to have a mobile site. And believe us, it's not IF, but WHEN you will have a mobile website.

To learn more, read this great blog article about mobile website marketing from Tucson's very own, IdeaMagic visionary marketing. You won't be disappointed.

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