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Top 10 Things You Must Do Before Hiring a Tucson Website Designer

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Knowledge is... power. Researching about your Tucson website
designer is... essential. Not doing so is... one of the biggest
mistakes you could make.


"AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW, NOW YOU KNOW. WORD." - We hear it time and time again how many of our clients had a previous website designer who didn't deliver what was promised, skipped town, or had very poor customer service and communication skills. Whether you're looking for a new Tucson website designer or replacing your current one, we believe taking the time to research who they are is essential to your success and well worth the time investment before throwing away thousands of dollars while finding yourself huddled in the corner, whimpering like a cold, scared alley cat. Okay, maybe not that extreme... but you get the idea.  Follow our advice, you won't regret it.


     1.) Find out WHO the website designer is. Especially when it comes to many solopreneurs or freelancers who work individually in their spare time. Can you ask for them by name or identify them in a photo--on their own website? Are they visible in their local community? Know who you're dealing with.


     2.) Find out WHAT their background is. Is website design a new hobby of theirs or do they have relevant and professional experience? Know what they're about.


     3.) Find out WHERE they are located. If you want local support, be sure they're actually available to you when needed--but we don't mean at 2:00 a.m.! It's expected that they won't be available to you 24/7. Most website designers have office hours just like you do--because they need rest, too, so they can perform well for you. Make sure you have many ways to access them such as e-mail, social media, mailing address, and a physical address--if they have one.


     4.) Find out if you will own your own website. You have the right to! Be sure to ask if they provide you with account access to your site. Beware of the “once-you-stop-paying-the-monthly-charge-your website-will-cease-to-exist” usually with cheap and restricted website builders like Go Daddy's Website Tonight or Yahoo!'s Site Builder.


     5.) Look at their website design portfolio. Does their style fit your personality or professional image? What do you like best?


     6.) Look through a few of their clients' website examples. If their website designer is also their current webmaster, make sure they're not filled with incomplete links or misspellings. However, keep in mind that sometimes it's a challenge to figure out if their website designer is their current webmaster. For example, the website designer may have been hired to design the site, but it doesn't mean they were hired to continue website maintenance. Sometimes the business owner will take over and end up making many costly mistakes themselves--and the original website designer is not to blame.


     7.) Find someone who's worked with the website designer. Start with someone who wrote a testimonial or review for them. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn perhaps and ask them what's their honest feedback about working with that particular website designer?


     8.) Since social media is essential to your online marketing strategy--a piece of what's called, "Web Presence Optimization" (WPO)--which increases your SEO, follow the website designer online to see how they act and how well-received they are. Start with Facebook. If you're really ambitious, Google them by name and city to see what you can find out about them before deciding to hire them.


     9.) Also, since branding awareness is important to your overall marketing strategy, is your website designer familiar with branding consistency and what it means to be without it? Do you understand your own brand marketing? Find one who gets it. You'll know by looking at their marketing materials--in print and online--like their website, social media platforms, advertising, etc.


     10.) Finally, meet with your Tucson website designer face-to-face. Do you feel comfortable inviting them into your own home? Not that you will, but remember that you're counting on your website team and you need them to be honest, reliable, and trustworthy. Integrity is most valued, don't you think?


     BONUS: Ask all website designers if they know what the 10-70-150 On-Site SEO Rule is. If they look at you like a deer in headlights, it's time to look elsewhere. If they don't tell you the following, you shouldn't trust them to build your site with some proper, effective Search Engine Optimization to increase your web presence of being found through search engines. [Their answer should be: 10 maximum keywords per page--in priority order, 70 or less characters in all Page Titles, and 150 or less characters in all Page Descriptions.]


     To find out how we can help you with a new website or website redesign, don't be shy--give us a ring. We love educating those who are curious. And we love serving those who are ready to be served. Also find out one of the number one ways we start your Web Presence Optimization (WPO) off right from the start before we even develop your website--with what's called a Keyword Analysis Report (KAR): (520) 270-7033.


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