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You'd rather have a root canal than blog. You'd rather shave your head than blog. You'd rather shave your employee's head and give your business partner a root canal than blog. However, you know you MUST blog to help increase your overall SEO efforts for your business or organization. And yet, you still find yourself saying one of these reasons why you don't do it:

"I don't have time!"

"I'm not a writer!"

"I don't know what to write about!"

Or perhaps, "What's a blog?!"

We get it. Ideas are great, but blogging sucks. So, pass it on to us. We'll write your monthly blog articles on your website for you about your industry with consistency and strategy. Then, we'll even share it with others on your Facebook timeline to help build your audience and increase your overall Web Presence Optimization (WPO). Relieved? We thought so. Now, don't let us catch you with that razor or pair of pliers again!

This Valuable Plan Includes:

  • (1) INITIAL CONSULTATION(1-hour consultation via in-person or by phone)
    • Gather keywords and develop persona.
    • Develop topic categories (1 per article only) & article topics (6 months in advance).
    • *Required if not previously completed within 3 months for an additional one-time charge of $299 & required to be reviewed before blogging begins (via e-mail only).
    • Identifies top ten (10) keyword/phrase relevance & secondary keyword/phrase relevance, up to an additional ten (10).
    • Identifies keyword competition & local monthly searches.
    • Automatic monthly timed schedule of 1 original article w/ research as necessary.
    • Choose from day of week/month (ie., the first Tuesday of the month).
    • SEO optimized copy/title/url/page title/meta tags/page description.
    • Free stock image (upon availability) with caption & SEO.
    • Share buttons.
    • Actual upload w/ anchor text to the client's website: WordPress or Joomla! only.
    • SEO-optimized post with keywords & blog’s image with link to blog url, including self-tag & other strategic tags in order to promote blog article.
    • Shared post on timeline.
    • Monthly via e-mail or phone.
    • Further review at the end of the 6-month commitment (1-hour consultation via phone or e-mail).

* Blog articles are for WordPress or Joomla! websites only and requires a 6-month time commitment. Social media posts to promote these blog articles are for Facebook accounts only. Save $149 with a bi-annual solution or save $298 with an annual solution (est. $124/month).

The Business Blogging Process - What to Expect


     Communication: Consultation #1 (Phone); Solution Overview; Payment


     Communication: Keyword Analysis; Review; Commence Blogging


     Communication: Feedback; Review Consultation #2 (after 6 months)

Phase 4 - SUPPORT

     Communication: Continue Blogging Upon Renewal

PLEASE NOTE: As you can see from the above Business Blogging Process, "Communication" is essential. Aren't you glad we noticed?

Web Development, Graphic Design, & SEO

Web development, graphic design, and SEO may be requested on an "as needed" basis. This would be applicable if you hire us to help you with your already existing website, you'd like updated graphic design work, or you'd like some off-site Tucson SEO assistance.

Photography & Videography

All website plans may include original photography and videography upon request for an additional fee. We work closely together with local, trusted professionals who have provided quality services in Tucson for over 10 years. Rates may vary depending on the scope of the project.

Business Blogging

We can be your "ghost" blogger to create fresh, original content that increases your overall SEO efforts with both consistency & strategy.


If you're not quite sure what you want, need, or should be looking for when it comes to:

  • websites, SEO & security
  • web hosting & local support
  • content writing & blogging
  • brand marketing: social media & logo design
  • marketing & PR
  • micro- or small business development
  • computer repair or tech assistance

...We're here to help you sort through an ocean of possibilities without missing a wave.