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Tucson Website Design Portfolio

Right from the Start

  • Heartbreak SEOWeb Design & Development

    Dynamic, optimized websites that leave you breathless, not customer-less. Infused with on-site SEO using simple ROI common sense.


  • Critical CredibilityWebsite Security & Support

    Websites installed with secure firewall protection. Local Tucson tech support you rely on and trust. Logical and essential CMS platform updates to save you money.


  • Creative ForcesBrand Marketing

    Original logo design to build brand awareness. Social media branding customized exclusively for Facebook & more. Branding consistency, like forces of Nature running parallel within the Universe of Internet marketing.


  • Essential Info.Education with Integrity

    "Geek speak" about websites & SEO broken down into simple analogies--without the need for an uppercut bursting with frustration. Only updated, reliable information all small business owners need.


tucson-web-design-seo-human-vs-bot2It's essential to please both humans and "bots." This is precisely why we are a web team of advisors who have the experience, expertise and creative juices to infuse your website with Beauty & Brains.

Your website will not only be beautiful, it will be effective and protected. Our Tucson website design and development plans include the essential features you must have in this "Age of SEO Craze" and "Hacker Nation" such as on-site, built-in SEO and firewall security protection.

Gain control over your website. What do we mean by 'control?' Time and time again we hear horror stories about how a client's nephew or a "professional" webmaster has taken their website hostage. Or how a web design company entirely skipped out of town without a password to spare. We understand it's essential that sometimes you should be a control freak.

When you work with us, we have nothing to hide. We provide you with all the account information you need so you can claim ownership of what's rightfully yours to begin with and be able to have access to your website. You own your website, you have access to your own website. You also have access to your own web hosting and Google Analytics.

So, whether you decide it's best that we maintain your website or you're one of those "do-it-yourselfer's" while trying to run your business at the same time, we're no stranger. And your website won't be estranged either.

The Website Process - What to Expect


     Communication: Consultation #1 (Phone); Consultation #2 (In-person): Introductions, The Website Process, Five-Point PerspectiveTM, QuikWeb Evaluation Review, Needs Analysis Interview, Cooperative Agreement, & Payment


     Communication: Keyword Analysis Report; Content Planner: Content Gathering; Project Planner Review; Commence Project


     Communication: Consultation #3 (Phone) - Review of Rough Draft; Edit Project; Consultation #4 (Phone) - Review of Final Draft; Edit, Proofread & Test Project; Project Approval; Launch Project

Phase 4 - SUPPORT

     Communication: Consultation #5 (In-person) - Blog Training Session; Project Maintenance

PLEASE NOTE: As you can see from the above Website Process, "Communication" is essential. Aren't you glad we noticed?

Best Web Design Strategy #18

FAVICONS are minute in size, but their impact is more important than you may think. Favicons are those tiny icons to the left of your url in your browser. Your clients/consumers may bookmark your website. If they do, wouldn't you rather have your logo appear than an empty slot? For branding consistency and building brand loyalty, you stay fresh in their mind--each and every time they see your logo.

Best SEO Strategy #12

Your KEYWORDS should always be before your page title in the TITLE TAGS. Look on this page above near your url in the browser. It should say, "Tucson Website Design, SEO, Security - BĒssential, LLC." Notice the five keywords before the name of our company: "Tucson," "website," "design," "SEO," and "security." In cases like this, the page title is all of our keywords--on target. Never place your most important keywords after your page title. You want to be found over the Internet, right? Right.